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Thank you for your continued interest and support in my work. For years now I've found fascinating anecdotes in the history of Roslyn, WA, shaped stories around them and hope that you'll enjoy the creative license I've taken.  Fiction though these novels are, there are numerous references to actual places and events of the coal mining town east of the Cascades.  My greatest hope is that these stories resonate and have you researching more about the people and places whose lives are worth our knowing.   


When Julie Fletcher, a switchboard operator in the small, coal mining town of Roslyn, WA starts listening in on calls, she has no idea of the consequences awaiting her.  In thinking that she can provide her fiancé Hal Oatridge with names of those disloyal to the established union, she doesn't foresee that certain information will lead to a conflict that changes not only her life, but those surrounding her. In trying to mend her trespasses, Julie finds herself grappling with relationships she holds dear, her conscience, and her faith. 

The Emblem cover.jpg
The Emblem - New Arrival 
When Callie Rushton takes a position as a tutor for a prominent businessman Edward Burke in 1930's Roslyn, she is only wanting to put bread on the table for her struggling family. While she's heard rumors about Mr. Burke's past -as well as his unique connection to the town's African American history of the late 1880's-she doesn't think much of it until she meets Mr. Burke's right hand man, Gabe. Before long Callie finds herself delving into her employer's past, putting her position on the line. "The Emblem" explores love against the odds and is inspired by Roslyn's Black Pioneers, whose legacy lives on.      

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